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AMME, activities that are continually evolving

Our history... all about us

The company AMME was founded in May 1997 by Pascal Pinassaud as a spin-off of the company CERMEX (specialist in the manufacture of case packing machinery).

Assembly: AMME started out with 2 mechanics-fitters who assembled supplied machines for several years. The number of employees grew month on month, increasing from 3 to 10 by 1998.

Machining: In order to meet the needs of our customers, in 2001 we created a traditional machining workshop (sawing, turning, milling).

For many years, AMME’s growth was driven by manufacturers of packaging machinery and automotive equipment manufacturers, who entrusted it with the assembly of machinery or production lines.

And we did not stop there… AMME has now gone one step further with its offer

In 2016, a Joint Manager joined the company (Franck Arras, current Manager) and gave new impetus to AMME. His arrival saw the development of business diversification projects.

During the first year, a design office emerged with:

  • The mechanical design office in 2016, 
  • the electrical design office in 2017.

These new skills allowed us to develop our activity in the automotive sector in which we had only worked as a subcontractor. AMME moved from subcontractor to manufacturer of capital goods (while retaining part of its subcontracting activity for our customers).

  • In 2017, we acquired a machining centre to bolster our production workshop.
  • In 2019, in order to boost our reactivity on the production of certain parts, we invested in a MARKFORGED 3D printer in order to handle orders with tight deadlines and manufacture equally robust parts (equivalent to aluminium).
  • In 2020, we created a retrofit department within our company. Through this, we are able to retrofit our customers’ own machines or offer second-hand machines that we overhaul and tailor to production needs and/or constraints. The machines are made in our workshops in order to leverage the expertise of our employees. 
  • We are building up a range of second-hand machinery in order to reduce lead times to our customers.

Today, AMME has a devoted team ready to fulfil all of your projects.

Notre histoire

  • 1997 : Creation of AMME: Assembly and wiring of packaging machines
  • 1998 : AMME went from 3 to 10 employees
  • 2001 : Creation of a machining workshop
  • 2016 : Change of management
  • 2016 : Creation of a Design Office
  • 2016 : Development of our activity in the automotive sector
  • 2017 : Integration of a machining centre
  • 2019 : Acquisition of a 3D printer
  • 2020 : Development of the retrofit activity

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