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Specialized-machine – Supplied machine – Retrofit

Our mission

as a company

is to exceed your expectations.

AMME operates in three different domains, the main one being the design and construction of specialized machines on a turnkey basis. AMME also specialises in the supply of all types of machinery, and lastly, and most recently, the retrofitting of specialized machines.

Historically, AMME is specialised in the construction of supplied machines.

With the creation of the design office in 2016, we changed the focus of our core business to specialise in industrial equipment design and the construction and setting of specialized machines, without neglecting our other activities.

Covering a very wide range of possibilities, the core of which is specialized machines, AMME knows how to understand your needs, advise you and help you find the solutions you need, whatever they might be: design, construction, assembly, wiring and retrofitting.


Specialized machines

We develop customised industrial equipment design solutions to perfectly meet the needs and specifications of our customers. 

Our multi-disciplinary teams are able to help you implement your most technical projects in many areas of application and on a turnkey basis.

From the simple gripper to the complete robotised assembly line, we are able to offer you the solution that best meets your specific, and often unique, technical requirements.


With considerable experience in the supply of specialized machines, we have all the know-how needed to construct, assemble, wire and set the machines that you design.

Whether due to a lack of in-house capacity, a lack of resources or an as part of an outsourcing strategy, AMME is able to give you all the support you need while ensuring we meet all of your requirements.

Retrofitting specialized machines

Our multidisciplinary approach and extensive experience in the field of specialized machines drove us to set up this new division in 2019, which is the logical extension of our technical know-how. 

Indeed, we have all of the skills in-house to offer you any type of retrofit: from a simple replacement/readjustment operation to the design of new modules within your machine.

6 000 000
Creation of the company
Projects completed per year

100% customer focus

We are able to meet all of your industrial equipment design
requirements whatever industry you are in