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Specialized machines, our core business

The focus: the design and the production of specialized machines

The focus of our business is the design, production and setting of specialized machines. This demanding profession requires us to continually reinvent ourselves and ensure that we are constantly evolving. Numerous innovations appear and quickly become fundamental to our work (complex mechanical systems, robotic programming, multi-dimensional control system, etc.).

We use our technical expertise to work in a many fields of industrial activity. Indeed, some of the major players in the automotive, industrial, pharmaceutical and food processing sectors place all their confidence in us, regularly entrusting us with their most ambitious projects.

The workforce: an expert and multi-disciplinary team

We have a multi-disciplinary team which includes all of the professions required for the design, production and setting of specialized machines. Indeed, the synergy between the design office, workshop and machining enables us to meet all of your demands with unmatched adaptability and flexibility.

A wide range of projects for specialized machines

Our projects are varied, ranging from the simple gripper to the complete assembly line with several robotised units. We also offer partly-completed machines and a wide range of semi-automatic and automatic machines customised to your specific requirements and that can incorporate innovative systems that are often technically complex (robots, vision, marking, etc.).

Our aim is to work very closely with you throughout your project in order to provide you with the machine you wanted, that perfectly meets your needs and all your specific requirements and delivered as a turnkey solution.

By identifying your real needs (establishing a specifications), proposing customised solutions, and being in constant contact with you throughout all the phases of your project (preliminary design, mechanical study, electrical schematic drawing, PLC programme, assembly, wiring, setting), our multi-disciplinary team will ensure you are happy with all of your projects. We are here to listen, advise you and provide you with technical expertise.

The creation of specialized machines, a daily source of pride