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Electrical design office

Our people of today....

AMME’s electrical design office was created in 2017 to supplement the mechanical design office. 

This service has a great story behind it. The person chosen for this position was a former AMME electrical engineer. After spending several years gaining experience in the field, Fabien launched the electrical design activity at AMME.

This service is, of course, a great addition to the mechanical design office and gives us tremendous flexibility in the delivery of projects.

In order to integrate with as many of our customers as possible, we have chosen to develop our electrical designs under SeeElectrical Expert.

… with the machines of tomorrow

These four years of experience enabled us to strengthen the database with the integration of numerous specific types of equipment. Indeed, we have been able to develop robot cells with the integration of Fanuc robots.

We also regularly install Keyence vision control units and Ateq and Delta Control leak testing equipment. 

On several occasions, our electrical design office has collaborated with Sic Marking, Gravotech or Keyence for the integration of laser cutters.

We have also developed Heading units using Sonimat ultrasonic solutions, among others.

In order to ensure maximum flexibility on our interchangeable tooling stations, we often use networking solutions such as IO Link which allows you to remotely adjust inputs/outputs and thereby ensure it is in line with the application. These solutions also make it possible to ensure that the equipment delivered is scalable to meet future changes.

In complete safety

As safety is essential, our teams have been trained in how to carry our risk analyses and we use our partner safety device on every piece of equipment so we can draw up a report prior to certification.

Our electrical design office has now evolved to the point where we are able to meet our customers’ most specific requirements.

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