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Mechanical design office

A team of three mechanical design technicians

Our mechanical design office was created in 2016 so that AMME could create its designs in-house. We started out with just one person and one SolidWorks station.

Today, the mechanical design office consists of 3 people who have extensive experience in the field of specialized machinery.

Since its creation, AMME design technicians have already designed a number of assembly machines, manual, semi-automatic, automatic or robotised and currently in production on the sites of our French and international customers.

A Mechanical design office devoted to the specificities of your projects

Our primary objective is to design equipment that meets your needs. That is why we are here to understand your needs and design the best possible solution. We are always looking to produce simple, robust and efficient creations by using tried-and-tested solutions wherever possible.

Thanks to our in-house capabilities (machining, 3D printing, etc.), we are continually improving our design know-how. This allows us to reduce our production costs and lead times.

The strength of our experience in demanding markets

We have a wealth of experience in the design of autonomous robotic islands or islands that are installed at the foot of injection moulding machines. This type of application requires that special attention be given to the design of the grippers which must offer many functions : transferring parts into the moulds, assembly, packaging, control, etc. In collaboration with leading robot manufacturers, our mechanical design office creates simulations so that we can validate the technical solutions as well as the cycle times.

As we are also able to retrofit existing machinery; our design office has solid experience and the ability to create partial designs based on documents that are rarely up to date.

Ergonomics is also an important criteria that ensure we integrate into the design of manual and semi-automatic stations. With extensive experience in the automotive sector, we always ensure we meet the most stringent criteria in this field in order to fully optimise the work stations we design.

Our Mechanical design office at your service