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Creation of supplied machines

Creation of supplied machines: a story in itself

The creation of supplied machines is the core historical business of AMME. Our rigour and technical expertise, together with our experience, allowed us to quickly and easily position ourselves as a trusted partner in the field of machinery assembly.

The creation of AMME is closely linked to our former partnership with local company, CERMEX, which manufactures packaging machines that we assemble. We acquired significant experience in this demanding area. This partnership broke down over time due to the positioning of, and strategic changes made by, both companies.

A range of complex and technical skills: assembly, wiring, setting

AMME subsequently diversified while retaining and developing this assembly activity. Indeed, our company approached and found new local and international customers, for the development of its supplied machine division.

This allowed us to enhance our expertise by working in several area of activity, such as the automotive, industrial and pharmaceutical sectors. Our achievements include numerous conveyors and palletisers, but also complete robotised assembly lines which are demanding in terms of lead times.

Our team of installers and wiring specialists have all the experience and know-how needed to meet your assembly, wiring and setting requirements.

Trusted by major contractors from various business sectors

Today, many customers, such as FSA, SAVOYE and B+ Equipment, regularly call on us to help them create machinery or technical and often complex assembly lines.

One of our greatest achievements is the assembly, wiring and setting of a robotic assembly line.

Whether a strategic outsourcing decision or simply the inability to do it internally, customers entrust us with all or part of their assemblies thereby affirming their full confidence in us.

With unquestionable experience in the field, and adhering strictly to your demands and lead times, AMME is uniquely positioned to support you and offer its subcontracting services for all types of machinery.