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AMME, automation integrator

Automation, a facilitator for optimal return

Transforming repetitive and tedious tasks or increasing your production capacities are just some examples of the advantages of automation. It has become paramount in the industrial world and is developing rapidly. We fully understood the challenge of it.

Our interest in technologies drove us to meet key players in automation in order to keep up to speed with the latest innovations in this field (automation manufacturers, robot manufacturers, vision system manufacturers, etc.) and be a specialist in this area.

AMME, automation integrator into your projects

We had the opportunity to integrate numerous automation components into our machines. This experience allowed to build up significant technical expertise.

We have the knowledge to automate your machinery using any brand of PLC (Proface, Siemens etc.). We also offer machine retrofitting and recover ageing PLCs that are often not used these days.

Working with major players like Keyence, we integrate complex visions systems, often on-board, and are forerunners in this field. We work with robot manufacturers to so size and choose the robot(s) best suited to your needs. We also know how to help you define your specific requirements such as bonding, marking and traceability systems.

Our expertise in the automation of your industrial equipment

Programming is a highly technical field that requires specific know-how; AMME brings its technical expertise to all aspects of your projects.

With extensive experience in automation integration, our design office will advise you, but also offer and deliver automation and robotisation solutions that will help address your most complex problems and your most technical requirements.

Here is a project completed by our automation integrator Design Office